Tour of the Basement of the Architecture School

This week for our discussion we were taken around the basement of the architecture school to look at the pipes and various systems that control our school.

On entering the basement, the first thing that I noticed was the humidity of the space. The change from the cold exterior temperature and the heat that we encountered in the basement was a big change!
One of the things that I learnt from this visit is that the school is split into two parts- the first and second floor (lectures and offices) are a separate unit to the third and fourth floor (studio and more offices). This means that they both have different sets of pipes that go to them.

While looking at the pipes I was very confused as to what was in each pipe and how it was possible that there were so many- and that they were so organised. This was very interesting to see because nothing made sense to me at first glance, but it was clear that they were all in a particular order. They are colour coded to show the continuity of them, and to make it easy to identify what their purpose is for those who know the system at hand.
From looking at the state of the pipes it was easy to see which were the newest ones as they were the least rusty- and we could therefore figure out that the newest pipes were for the sprinkler system which was added in the last decade.

This tour was very interesting to help put into perspective the complexity that can occur in systems, and how many different parts there are to every system.


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