Light and Art

This week in Lecture we started talking about light, and one of the ways that Bill Sherman approached it was to look at it through art, and in particular through the artist James Turrell. This has to have been one of my favourite lectures because I found his art very interesting and thought that it could easily relate to many works of art that I have studied/enjoyed in the past.

One of my favourite pieces of James Turrell that Bill showed was:


Because the way that light hit the block not only changed the colour of it but also gives the effect that it is floating in space.

Another of Turrell’s works that I found very interesting was:


The image on the right shows a wall, that with the right lighting looks as though it is painted white, but is actually an extrusion into the wall painting with a flat coating of white.
This piece seems like one that I would love to see peoples interactions with in a gallery. Common responses to it are people trying to touch the wall to feel the wall, but instead are left feeling as though they are going through the wall. Another, and less common response, was someone that would lean up against it expecting it to be a wall and falling backwards- something I definitely want to witness!

Looking at Turell’s work made me think about the work of the artist Anish Kapoor.

He is most popular for his works related to mirrors-

But the piece of work of his that i thought related most to lecture is

This piece of work titled ‘pregnant’ has the same illusion as the white wall that Turrelll created, with an indent into the wall that is not apparent at first. Kapoors ‘Pregnant’ is interesting as it is all curves and therefore harder to note that it extends backwards, and hard to see how far it goes back because there are no corners to help identify it.

This lecture was interesting because it showed how important light is and how it can change the perspective of the space you are in. The lighting can make a space seem bigger and therefore is important to consider when designing a space.


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