Final Assignment (9)

This final assignment was to relate our studio project with all of the concepts that we had learnt in class.
My studio is ecoMOD and this semester I have been designing a modular home located in South Boston Virginia.

My first way to analyse the site was to look at the wind-roses for the site to see the direction of the prevailing winds.
Windroses for SoBo

After figuring out that the prevailing winds were from the SW I started to look at sun angles that are seen in the site and applied them to a site plan. I also looked at the 5 modular homes that would be built next to each other to see if they would shade each other and if the height of the buildings compared to the distance of them from one another was did not cause any additional shading.
Systems site plan

The site plan is good for showing the buildings in context with one another, but does not show any details about the building and therefore I looked at a plan and major section through the site looking at daylighting, energy capture and ventilation.

The plan here just shows the cross ventilation, the prevailing winds and where I took the section cuts from. The first section cut shows a section through both of the modules, cutting through the bedroom in one module (green), and into the kitchen and living space of the other (orange). The features that can be seen here are cross ventilation from one module through a large open doorway and out of the other window, and the inclusion of a skylight to add more natural light into the kitchen.


T SERIES FOR SYSTEMS quarter scaleThis section cut, at 1/4″ =1′ scale, shows the kitchen and living module at a more human scale. This section cut shows the pitched ceiling and the skylight as well as an example of a possible screen to help have diffused light into the kitchen space rather than solely direct light. In addition I documented the cross ventilation that I forsee taking place and the movement of cool air in through the windows and front door and then the hot air out through the clerestory window.

My modular design is meant to be as affordable as possible, and therefore it was very interesting seeing the ways that these energy principles can save money on aspects like artificial lighting through the use of apertures and natural light and ventilation.


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